Buy Pretty Things

These pretty ribbon bookmarks are all handmade. Mostly bespoke, one offs due to being made from vintage jewellery and ribbon. Just a couple are made from more contemporary charms or brooches.

Ribbons are interchangeable (do ask if you’d like to swap ribbons/charms); velvet, satin and linen in beautiful colours.

The perfect gifts for book lovers…

Choose from my handmade collection, or if you’ve some jewellery you would like to incorporate into a special bookmark do contact me.

For each purchase i’ll contact you to walk you through the design and charms, especially if it’s a one off.

Serenity Prayer Ribbon Bookmark

Known as the Serenity Prayer: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.


God is Within: Ribbon Bookmark

She will not fall: pretty red velvet and I Love You ribbon.


Spring Daisy Ribbon Bookmark

Spring Daisy and pretty egg on soft pink velvet ribbon.


Remembrance Ribbon Bookmark

Sparkly red Poppy, on black velvet and red satin ribbon.


Phone Charger Charm

Bespoke your phone charger; no more guessing whose is whose! Want it bespoke [your own charm or initialled]? Drop me a note via Contact Pretty Flower below.


Chick & Egg Ribbon Bookmark

Chick in a cup, and two mini eggs – a cute treat on a soft pink velvet ribbon.


Celebratory Cork Keepsake

Whether it’s an anniversary (traditionally the 5th year is wood), the birth of a baby or significant birthday – the cork from your celebratory bubbly can be made into a keepsake! Designs vary – bespoke for you. Price dependent on design.


Apple and Butterfly Ribbon Bookmark

Pretty apple brooch and butterfly charm on a love hearts ribbon.


Guardian Angel Stitch Marker

Use your stitch markers to keep track of your place in your knitting or crochet. Three in the pack.


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